Formwork, Decking and Construction

Deck, Steel & Concrete is a leading South African civil and building contractor. We are an established and trusted name in the industry with a 8GB/PE and 7CE/PE, providing the supply, installation, and complete construction of formwork, reinforcing steel, civil roadwork and more. Our specialised services and vast experience is highly sought after in a multitude of industries, from the construction industry to the civil engineering industry. We are proud to have put together specialised development teams and expert technical support teams. Our complete service and after-sales support ensure client satisfaction.

This turn-key solution is a reflection of our 34 years of experience in the formwork, decking and construction industry. Since our inception we have flourished and continue to expand our services, offering innovative and advanced construction solutions. After recognising a gap in the market for an expert reinforcing steel company, Deck, Steel & Concrete has expanded to offer expert cutting and bending of reinforcing steel and supply and erecting of forwork.


Deck, Steel & Concrete specialise in:

• Construction :          Complete civil & building works
• Formwork :               Supply & Erect formwork and scaffolding
• Reinforcing steel :    Supply, cut, bend, deliver and fix reinforcing steel
• Concrete :                 Supply, place and powerfloat concrete
• Hire :                         Formwork and Scaffolding. Plant and machinery

Empowering the Community through education and skill development

Our continued success is attributed to our skill, superior workmanship and dedication. We are passionate about growth, education and expanding our industry knowledge. Emphasis is based on identifying employees who, through our specialised training, mentorship, and counselling are given the opportunity to develop into well-rounded managers.


Our committment to BEE Compliancy and the Equity Ownership means that Deck, Steel & Concrete CC aims to further improve the quality of life of the poor and marginalised. We regard development as an integral part of transformation, social commitment and empowerment. Recognising the substantial long term growth potential. Deck, Steel & Concrete has an inherent moral obligation to support disadvantaged communities. We have an innate responsibility to support South Africa’s disadvantaged communities in the main stream of economic activities and utilise small, medium and micro-sized businesses whenever possible.